Hi, I'm Matt.

a founder and web3 explorer based in Chicago.

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head of ir, 2023-present

Logos is an experiment to build this future, and is built and operated entirely by its open-source community.


head of ir, 2023-present

Status is a secure messaging app, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state-of-the-art technology.


founder, 2022-present

Crypto/Web3 venture studio, working with early-stage founders to resolve operational, strategy, and finance needs.

linus (acquired)

founder/ceo, 2019-2022

Linus was the first to offer crypto yields to non-crypto users. We solved a UX problem, allowing those who didn't want to manage their own key to access DeFi yields.


Web app that converts interest rates between APR and APY at any frequency, including expected blocktime. Popular with DeFi yield farmers.

savvy wallet

product owner/finance, 2019

Savvy.io was a multi-chain crypto wallet supporting retail and institutional crypto users.

btc inc

head of finance, 2018-2019

6+ years of Web3 experience.

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Find my design guidelines for multiple projects that I've been working on.

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Find the design principles that I follow on each of my projects and works.

6+ years of Web3 experience.


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